Potters Gate Children's Centre

Mary Schrick

Children’s Centre Manager

I have been in post at Potters Gate Children’s Centre for 10 years. I previously worked with children and families in the community and studied as a mature student to gain my Family and Childcare studies degree.

My initial role as Centre manager was to oversee the building construction, purchase resources, recruit staff and plan services. During the 10 years since we opened, we have had a core staff team who have worked with many local children and families, who have benefited from accessing services and developing relationships with staff and other parents. We regularly review our services in line with Government priorities and local need to develop services.

I am the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for the Children's Centre, and you can speak to me if you have concerns about a child.

I work part-time, alternately Monday-Thursday and Tuesday-Friday and can be contacted by emailing: childrenscentre@potters-gate.surrey.sch.uk or calling 01252 891250.