Potters Gate Children's Centre

Breastfeeding & Breast Pump Hire

You are welcome to breastfeed here at the Centre and we can also provide you with advice and information on local support groups

All the staff at the Centre are trained to support with breast feeding. Kathryn Roper, one of our Outreach Workers, is trained to support with any queries that you have regarding breast feeding such as the positioning of the baby for comfortable and effective feeding. More information can be found on our Infant Feeding page too

Breast Pump Loan 

We have 2 breast pumps for loan from the Centre for 3 week periods. Please check the loan criteria below.

There is £10 charge for the milk collection set and a £10 refundable deposit for the pump, payable by the parent.

To qualify for the loan of a breast pump, one of more of the following conditions should apply:

  • To stimulate milk supply
  • Premature baby or baby with a weak suck
  • Multiple births
  • Mother temporarily separated due to illness
  • Mother has mastitis (although hand expression is preferable in this situation)
  • Mother has sore nipples
  • Mother on temporary medication, that is not suitable whilst breastfeeding
  • An emergency situation, whilst awaiting a long term solution
  • Baby is tongue tied
  • To build up a store of breast milk before returning to work
  • Special occasion e.g. wedding, night out etc.
  • Any other following a discussion with a breastfeeding specialist

For loan from Potters Gate Children’s Centre, mothers should be living in our reach area and be/need to register with us.

Pump loan is available from the Centre on Mondays-Thursdays, between 9am and 1pm. Please call in advance to check availability: 01252 891250